Southern Utah Motorcycle Trip


July 2005







*     *     *     *     *





Packed and ready to ride . . .
















Taking a break to view the Shiprock formation before entering Utah








Sandstone formations and riparian greenery near Bluff, Utah






Goosenecks on the San Juan River near Mexican Hat, Utah













Owachomo Bridge in Natural Bridges National Monument


(The size of the natural bridge can be appreciated by comparing it to the people standing beneath it.)







Taking the Ferry across Lake Powell







The Bikes on Board . . .



. . . and The Bikers







Stopping to take a picture along the way.







Capital Reef National Park










Incredible Scenery ! ! !

















A Beautiful Panoramic View ! ! !







Crossing the Escalante








Bryce Canyon



























Encountering Snow along the Way







We had to take a detour because the road we had planned to take was closed due to snow.








What the #@!#!@#!!   Snow in July!?






Cold but Beautiful!!





Stopping for a Picnic Lunch



















The Grand Canyon

(North Rim)

















Yours Truly




The view of the Grand Canyon is spectacular at any angle.





A Panoramic View









A more focused view . . .






. . . an even closer view




. . . or a VERY close view!




In every case, both the view and the colors are incredible.






To get a good perspective on the size and scale of the Canyon, it helps to view it with people standing in the foreground.









After leaving the Grand Canyon, we stop to take a break.








Our next break was just outside of Page, Arizona.







From Page, we rode to Farmington, New Mexico.  On the way, I took a detour through Monument Valley.




Monument Valley





















The following sign marked our arrival at Farmington.















Then we all went home.






*     *     *     *     *